Mallorca Private Tour Guide

Majorca Private Tour Guides. Being your excursion company since 1996, more than two decades making our customers happy by meeting their expectations.

Why a Tour Guide

Because probably you were waiting for this Well-deserved vacations for a long time and we, YOUR MALLORCA PRIVATE TOURGUIDES, believe your vacations are the most important time of the year and for this all must go right and you don’t have to pass any unpleasant experiences.

Let us do the hard work, you just relax and enjoy your experiences of your place of visit.

Book a licensed tour guide, it is most likely the best, and often on the long run the most economic, way to enjoy your visit. Appreciate the richness of Majorcan History, Culture and Gastronomy.

Our licensed TOURGUIDES will assist you and provide you with information, culture, historical and contemporary heritage interpretation in the language of your choice.

Your private tour guide will answer all your questions, explain what you are seeing, and with it’s experience, provide you with more information than can fit in a book.

Let us give you some reasons to book one of our widely experienced TOURGUIDES:

Our TOURGUIDES have priority to buy tickets to touristic sites, museums or attractions, normally there is (long) line to buy tickets, but our guides will go right up to the window, and lead you in ahead of the crowds-don’t waste your time in a line waiting to buy a ticket, take more profit of your vacations. (In the single event that this would not be possible, we commit ourselves to buy the tickets the day prior or to make reservations, so you do not have to wait and you can optimize your time of visit).

Our MALLORCA PRIVATE TOURGUIDES know how to use your precious Travel time most efficiently- they know perfectly the destination and will be able to give you the best tips not to miss the most important things to see- Don’ t miss anything to see in your next trip.

Our TOURGUIDES will show the best locations and picture spots- Don’ t miss the best memories of your vacations

-You have the opportunity to speak with your PRIVATE TOUR GUIDE before your arrival to discuss details and to prepare the visit into details-customized tours

-You will be in directly contact with your PRIVATE TOURGUIDE, avoid to Pay commissions, get the best GROUP rates for your individual PRIVATE TOUR.

-You will never be in a Rush, just relax and enjoy, take your time, avoid crowds, let us take care of you.

No matter which tour you choose, you will have plenty of time to ask questions, to explore, to find that nice souvenir, to take pictures … It’s so easy: You are the boss, we offer you the possibilities and you just make the decision: YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME!

-Your PRIVATE GUIDE can find for you the best place to enjoy the local gastronomy, let us know what you like and our guides will find the perfect place, because the know it and they have been there. Meat, fish, tapas, that local dish or the most suitable restaurant close to where you are, at the moment.

REMEMBER: TOURGUIDES in Spain are required by law to be graduated into the Tourism University and complete a special training program to be a guide, approve 3 different languages knowledge and pass the official exam of the Government to get the licensed and finally be registered as a collegiate member of the guild «Colegio oficial de guías de les Illes Balears» and F.E.G. «European Federation of tourist Guide associations» and worldwide by WFTGA.

It is against the Spanish law for anyone who has not been qualified and trained to work as a tour guide. (With fines over 36.000 euros)

We provide you only the best qualified and experience guides.


(Like mentioned before all of our guides are licensed and registered by the Spanish Government and registered at the Guides Colegio – the guild)


Mallorca Private Tour Guides