This morning everybody was surprised  by the arrival to the port of Palma of a giant of the seas, many of us thought it was a small  cruise ship coming into the port of Palma, but nothing is further from reality, it was the «Topaz» the fourth largest  private yacht on the world.

Every day more and more, Palma port is been consolidating as a destination, for the world´s  most prestigious yachts

About 8:30 am this morning the «Topaz» was docked in Club de Mar in Palma, close to another large yacht, known by everyone on the island  «Lady Moura» which normally is docked in Club de Mar too.

It´s impressive to see this two big yachts docked together and of course for those who liveImage on the island, the size  of «lady Moura» has always impressed us, but today  it seems to be an small ship docked next to the «Topaz»


The «Topaz» has become the 4th largest private yacht on the world with its 147 metres (482 ft) long, coinciding with the Prince Abdulaziz yacht (147 mtrs in length) owned by the Saudi royal family.

The «Topaz» is only surpassed by “Said”  property of  Qaboos bin Said al Said (154 mtrs in length or 508 ft), the “Dubai“ owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (161 mtrs in length or 531 ft) and the “Eclipse” owned by Roman Abramovich’s  (162 mtrs or 533ft), which is the largest  one in the world.

The “Topaz”  has been ordered by his owner to Lürssen shipyard in Bremen (Germany), founded in 1875, and it took 4 years to be ready. Finally the “Topaz” was launched in May 2012.

This mega yacht features a steel displacement hull, an aluminium superstructure styling  by  Tim Heywood´s studio and the interiors design  by Terence Disdate , the cost of the vessel is approximately 400 million pounds, or what is the same 461 million Euros or 527 million $ .

The dimensions of this mega yacht whose home port is Hamilton and flying Cayman Islands flag ,are 147 mtrs (482ft) in length, a beam of 21.50 mtrs (70.5ft)  and a gross tonnage of 11589, consists of eight decks and two heliports,.

 The Topaz reaches 16.1 knots as maximun speed.

The Topaz carries 85 crew members on board to provide service to the owner and his guests.

Particularly striking is the large aft platform with a sun terrace and stairs to reach the sea, the vessel is carrying everything you need to enjoy water sports, jet skis , dinghies and even a mini submarine on board.

The yacht´s name «TOPAZ» comes from a Hitchcock´s movie (1969) 

This mega yacht owned by Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan born 20th/11/1970, he´s the fifth son of the emir of Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates,minister of presidential affairs and a member of the royal family of Abu Dhabi, also owner of the Manchester City soccer team, he owns 33% of Virgin Galactic, which is organizing comercial suborbital flights  with a cost per fly ticket of 188.000 euros, in addition he is participating in numerous companies as Daimler.

Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been ranked by Forbes magazine as the 104th  fortune in the ranking of millionaires on the world.

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  1. Alan Simpson

    Topaz is 5th largest !

    • Dear Alan:
      Thanks for reading our blog, of course we are not experts on the yacht world, but I think you are wrong, Prince Abdulaziz and Topaz have the same length, and in all the yacht lists is consider the Topaz as the 4th largest private yacht.
      Anyway thank you for contacting us, and if you have any other information, we will be happy to recieve it and share with everybody.

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