The Mallorcan Wines-a delight to the palate

Wines of Mallorca-

history of wine production in Mallorca

The Romans started to plant wine grapes in Mallorca, and the land  dedicated to this cultivation grows up very quickly.


The Romans described the island as a paradise of vineyards, because the majorcan «terroir» (

 specific set of characteristics that make a wine to be different from the rest, depending on many factors: soil type, humidity, orientation, insulation, drainage, slope,rains, weather conditions…) was perfect for wine production.

In times of Arabs wine production fell into decadence, as for religious reasons, they do not consume alcohol, of course the Arabs were not producing wine in Mallorca and grapes were destined for consumption as raisins.

In the year 1229 the 

 King of Aragon (James I) conquered the 

island and then they started planting wine grapes specially in the land of the center of Mallorca.

The best moment for the wine cellars of the island was after the year 1850 until the year 1900. They produced a lot and most of the production was exported. It was a period of great splendour for the Mallorcan  wineries.

Finally a big part of the vineyards have been attacked and infected by the phyloxera and that was the ruine of many wine majorcan cellars.

Since the year 1930 they started to plant wine grapes specially in the area of Binissalem and Pla i Llevant both places have the best soil producing wines of very high quality.

In the most important wine fairs they have received prices, medals and the best distinctions.

The native grape varieties such as The Manto Negro, the Callet and the Moll will lead you to know the unique qualities of the D.O. Binissalem and DO Pla i Llevant wines.

You can taste them in the area wineries where you will be welcome like a member of the family.

Manto Negro Bouquets that speak to us of very ripe fruits such as a blackberry, the fig, the pomegranate and an unusual hint of carob, a tree that shares the habitat of Mallorcas vineyards.

Callet  Bouquets make us to think of ripe red fruits such as strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Moll Bouquets remind us to white pulp fruit pears or apples together with certain citrus grapefruit and floral notes which give way to a singular fruity taste with notes of aniseed.

The Mediterranian cuisine means vegetables, fruits, olive oil, wine and a fantastic sunny climate that’s what Mallorca offers you.

Let us guide you 

through Mallorcan wineries and discover with Mallorca Private Tour guides the mediterranean flavor, our excellent variety of Majorcan wines.

Visit with us the Majorcan  wineries, walk through the vineyards, feel the aroma of the lands, discover the history of the ancient wine cellars and make a wine tasting accompanied by local products of delicious mallorcan gastronomy.

Mallorca is, has been and will be a paradise for wine, discover it with Mallorca Private Tour Guides.
Join us to a Wine Tour in Mallorca, an unforgettable experience 
Mallorca Private Tour Guides Team 
 Picture: Mallorcan vintage on typical local ceramic tiles

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