I don’t think I need to explain my devotion to the Sierra de Tramuntana, but I’m not the only person who likes this paradise, declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Before I or any other person set foot on the island, the Black Vulture, Aegypius Monachus, had made his habitat in Mallorca already 5 million years ago.

During my last excursion “Island Tour” I was so lucky to observe the flight of this majestic carrion eater. He was easy to spot. When he lets himself drift  on the air, he has a wingspan of almost 3 meter and this birdie weighs some 8 kg (18lb).

The Black Vulture is one of the largest birds of prey in the world, reaching maturity at the age of 4 and living for about 40 years. Once they find there soul mate, they stay a stable breeding couple.

They make their nests in the copes of the trees or look for the most impossible places to reach for the poor humans without wings. The female bird lays one egg a year, during the period February – March. The egg will be incubated and the chick will be fed by both mother and father vulture. In September the young bird leaves the nest, starting his own adventure.

About 20 years ago, there were only approximately 20 birds left. They died victims of poachers, were killed after eating poisoned carrion, or simply were disturb during the breeding period.

Luckily, men took charge of the situation and in 1983; a plan was created to protect the Black Vulture. In 1986, the Black Vulture Conservation Foundation collaborated. Volunteers help to keep a protective look on the nests during breeding period and there are two sites in the Tramuntana were carrion is left so the birds can find food easily. Some nests have a camera protection and the Foundation teaches the people to be aware of the danger of using poisons to eliminate cats, martens, genets etc.

The foundation has his headquarters in the Wildlife Conservation Centre Son Pons in Campanet. They take care of some black vulture which are flightless and would die in nature. So without a lot of effort, locals and visitors who care for this island can come and meet this emblematic inhabitant.

If you would like to enjoy an unforgettable experience of watching the flight of the Vulture, then put on your hiking shoes and join Mallorca Private Tour guides to Pronature Fundation for a tour to the most interesting vulture spotting points of the Tramuntana.

The Group of Mallorca Private Tour Guides will be happy to help you on your search for information and will help you to discover the impressive Black Vulture.

Let us guide you to enjoy the amazing landscapes from Sierra de Tramuntana, anddiscover with us why Sierra de Tramuntana has been declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO and the reason why every day attracts hundreds of visitors to this wonderful natural setting of the Majorcan mountains.

Discover with Mallorca Private Tour guides, the most beautiful spots in the Sierra de Tramuntana and our wildlife which is also heritage of our island, and to respect the wildlife is essential to learn about it.

It´s everyone’s job to ensure that protected species such as the black vulture still exist in the future, learn to respect and love them as they will be also a legacy for the future of our island,Mallorca.

To protect nature is essential knowing it.

Learn with Mallorca Private tour guides to know and respect Majorcan black vulture

Mallorca Private Tour guides Team

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