Sencelles, a town located in the center of the island Majorca, It´s the birthplace of the beatified sister, Francinaina Cirer (1st june 1781-27 february 1855)

She is wellknown in Sencelles (mallorca) as «Aunt Xiroia» the family nickname.

When she was 70 years old, togheter with 2 more nuns, she founded 1851, the comunity of the sisters of charity of San Vicente de Paul.

She was the only daughter of a farmers family and she got 3 more brothers.

She wanted to join an order of nuns, but her father would not let her, so she decided to serve God through her family and neighbours.

When she was 26 years old, and her mother and brothers died, she decide to stay with her father, taking care of him till he pass away.

She was beatified 1st octuber 1989 by pope John Paul II, because all the miracles she made.

Some miracles exemples are the followings:

One day her mother was very sick and she needed medication, but could not leave her alone, and the nearest pharmacy was in another town called Binissalem (majorca),

So he asked a  littel girl to do her the favor to go to pick up the medication in Binissalem, but it rained a lot, so she left her hat to the girl to be used as an umbrella.
Despite of the heavy rain and the distance, when the girl was back in Sencelles, she was completely dry. 
Another day, when she was sleeping, she heard the call of Jesuson her dreams,

late at night, she got up and she went to the place indicated by jesus, on the road connecting  Inca with Sencelles, where she found ,a father and his son, who were fighting, and she reproached them, their attitude .
Both,repentant for this attitude, decided to go with her to Sencelles monastery, and when they hug each other and never fight again.
When she was 8 years old, she had a vision. she was holding on her arms, the kid of a woman living on the town, while she was watchind two men working, suddenly she collapsed and fell 

unconscious to the ground with the child, workers rushed to pick her up and take her and the  child to Madame´s house, who lay her in bed.
When she woke up, she told the lady that she had seen hell, sincethis day and for to her whole life,  she always avoid the offenses God and dedicated herself to try to redirect all those twere on the wrong way.
One day, a man had decided to commit a robbery, and when  he opened the door of his house to go out to steal,he found sor Francinaina cirer at his door, she reprimanded his attitude and gave him an alms not to commit the robbery.
In sencelles (mallorca) 27th february is the blessed holiday, Sor Francinaina Cirer.
In the main square in Sencelles, in front of the parish church is located the monument for Francinaina Cirer, created by the sculptor Jaume Mir and inagurated 1955.
Every 27th february there is a wreath at the monument Sor francinaina Cirer, and the villagers came dressed in typical mallorcan costumes.
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    This year we commemorate the 25th anniversary of the beatification of Sor Francinaina Cirer also known as «aunt Xiroia» by the citizens of Sencelles, her birthplace.
    Sencelles has organize several acts to commemorate this anniversary, but of course Mallorca Private Tour Guides recommends you to visit Sencelles next 27th february when the people dressed with the old»payes» garments made the floral wreath to Sor Francinaina Cirer, a colorful parade not to be missed….Mallorca in winter has zoo much to offer visitor.
    Come to Mallorca and join Mallorca Private Tour Guides to discover Sencelles, its traditions and Sor Francinaina Cirer history , one of the most popular citizens of Sencelles….

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