Next Sunday 17th /03 will be held in Santa Ponsa, Calvia  (Mallorca) St. Patrick’s Day and therefore, the municipality of Calvia is organizing a big party, and Mallorca Private Tour guides  advise you not to miss it.

 St. Patrick´s day  is typical of Ireland but has become a tradition that has spread to numerous locations including U.S. cities like New York and Chicago and now it comes to Mallorca, Santa Ponsa, Calvia.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and of the souls suffering in purgatory.

St. Patrick was born in Britania in 387 (the current Great Britain), the son of a Roman decurion (municipal official) and grandson of a priest, he was  a member of a wealthy family.

In his youth at the age of 16 he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and was a slave for six years until he manage to escape, a voice spoke to him in a dream,telling him it was the time to leave Ireland. And  St.Patrick went back to his family.

During his captivity he became a fervent religious and started thinking evangelize Ireland and he had another vision, where an angel tells him to return to Ireland  as missionary and  he becomes the first evangelizer and  the only apostle who truly is Irish .

It is said that St. Patrick with a magical wand banished snakes from Ireland (because of it,sometimes  he is represented with the wand and  the snakes).

With the help of a shamrock explained the mystery the Holy Trinity to the Irish, here there is the relationship of this event with the cloverleaf and therefore the feast of St. Patrick is also known in Ireland as Shamrock (Clover).

The oldest image of St. Patrick is carved on the stone cross of King Flann (dating from the IX-X, Clonmainoise, Ireland)

During  middle ages St. Patrick was represented dressed as a bishop and in the eighteenth century he has been represented as a bishop, with beard and the famous Shamrock (Clover) in hand.

In Ireland, St. Patrick has become a popular festival held each March 17th ( the day when St. Patrick passed away), where the main theme is green, everything turns green for St. Patrick, people and streets dress in green, the river water and even beer turns green.

It is a day to enjoy Irish cuisine, «Irish bacon and cabbage»,  to attend to the parades and enjoy the famous Irish beer.

The biggest parade for St. Patrick´s day  held in the United States is in Boston, and it was there that this parade was born, in 1737, as the Irish soldiers in USA marched there , a big parade through the streets of Boston.

Mallorca was not going to be less, and in cooperation with the municipality of Calvia, Santa Ponsa next Sunday 17th  also will join the celebration of St. Patrick and Santa Ponsa  will turn green too.

The party will begin at 12 am in Santa Ponsa and runs until the 19 pm, the bars and the business in Santa Ponsa  will wear green, there will be a  Paddy´s market with 92 stalls , nearly half a kilometer full of exciting things including lots of food and drinksarts & crafts…  along the main Santa Ponsa beach.

Many activities, with the bouncy castles, trampolines, fantastic all day music on the stage from  13pm to 19 pm, the stage will be located by mini roundabout in Ramon de Montcada Street.

At 1530 pm  will be held  St. Patrick’s parade through the streets of Santa Ponsa,  the parade route will go through the streets  Ramon de Moncada, Puig  Galatzo, James I, Es Puig Rui Teix and Riu Sil, if you want to participate in the parade, you are still in time, please contact with Angela on the phone 971 13 91 00

Mallorca Private Tour Guides is encouraging you all to participle, to be dress in green and  join the party in Santa Ponsa, this is a great initiative of the municipality of Calvia to boost the winter in Mallorca, the opportunity for residents and tourists to discover this wonderful location on the south of Mallorca, Santa Ponsa –Calvia .

Let us guide you  and discover with Mallorca Private Tour Guides , Santa Ponsa -Calvia, where in addition to enjoy this special event, you’ll find places like the beautiful promenade with its pine trees, the beautiful beach of Santa Ponsa and we can not forget history.

Close to the yacht Club Santa Ponsa, stands the cross that marks the point where landed in September 1229 King James I of Aragon and begin the conquest of Mallorca and expel Muslims from the island, the cross was built at the entrance to Santa Ponsa Bay to commemorate the 700th anniversary of this historical event that marked the end of Muslim domination in Mallorca.

With Mallorca Private Tour guides also discover the sacred stone chapel of Santa Ponsa, which is situated on the road from Santa Ponsa to Magalluf (Ma-1), at the foot of the Coll de sa Batalla (from here the name,battle´s hill ),over there is the small sacred stone, chapel, where is a huge stone at the back of the small altar, where it is said, the first Catholic Mass in Mallorca was made, after the disembarkation of the Christian troops of James I in Santa Ponsa.

Here is where the battle, facing the troops of King Jaime I led by Ramon  Montcada with the Saracens, took place.

The chapel like the cross, built in 1929 to commemorate the disembarkation of King James I, the chapel was a project of Antonio Maria Alcover and to its blessing attended General Weyler.

The small sacred stone chapel is usually closed and only opens on the “pancaritat” held the Sunday after Easter, the angel´s  Sunday (domingo del angel)

Join Mallorca PrivateTour Guides and don´t miss SINT PATRICK’S DAY in Santa Ponsa, Calvia.


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