Sineu, a historic village, located in the center of the island Majorca, in the middle of «Majorcan Plain«, where its history and monuments can be seen, walking through its streets and squares, so we invite all of you to discover with Mallorca Private Tour Guides each one of its nooks that will surely impress you.

Sineu, is a municipality with a population in 2012  of 4000 inhabitants ,and although its toponymic origins are several coming from Roman times, we can confirm that in the Muslim period, Sineu had more than 82 farmhouses «alquerias», an established market, and important agricultural and livestock activities, and that after the Christian conquest, (which in Sineu would come in 1230) , would boost rainfed extensive agriculture, which would make it one of the largest villages of wheat production.

It explains the presence of many flour mills in the village ( even nowadays), and the existence of “barcella”, dating from 1240, which was the official measure of grain weight.

In the early fourteenth century, with the construction of the Royal Palace in Sineu, where an old Islamic fortress was, would also consolidate the weekly market, made on the village every Wednesday, thanks to the privilege that would give King James II, and today it remains as one of the most visited and traditional markets of the island, and the only one, where currently is possible selling and buying cattle.

Moreover, the May Fair «FIRA DE MAIG», which began in 1318, thanks to another privilege granted by King Sancho, is now also one of the most famous annual agricultural and livestock fairs in Mallorca.

Also the second Sunday in December, has been driven back in a few years, the Fair of St. Thomas, which carries a sample of “Matanzas”, where you can watch the preparation of the famous Majorcan sausage «sobrassada» .

Therefore, Mallorca Private Tour Guides invites you to make a visit with us to the village of Sineu, you will appreciate a wide variety of religious buildings: churches, convents, cloisters, .. and stately houses, wineries, crosses, ..and now we will comment you some of the most interesting aspects of this cultural heritage that offers the village of Sineu.

We will start our Sineu tour in Sa Plaça, (the square) where the most important monument of architectural heritage of Sineu is located:

The  parish Church of Santa Maria de Sineu, the origin of the first parish church goes back to 1236, although it has been  victim of a fire in 1505, which would involve the construction of a new temple, also in Gothic style, then between 1880 and 1881 will be  made a broadening  at the header of the church and the transept, and finally a complete restoration in the early twenty-first century.

The church’s interior is a single nave with transversal transept and five chapels on each side. The church can be visited at Mass´s schedules and Wednesdaysmarket day” from 9 am to 13 pm, where you will find a museum with a large collection of «escudelles», ancient pottery pots.

The bell tower, built in 1549, is separate from the church, but the two buildings are connected by a covered flyover, called the «pont de Santa Barbara»( St. Barbara´s bridge)

In front of the church main entrance, you can find the Monument in honor to San Marcos, sculpture in copper plate made in 1945, a work of Joan Maimó, representing a winged lion, symbol of the evangelist St. Mark, with the coat of Sineu.

It was inaugurated in 1945, to commemorate the third centenary of the election of SAN MARCOS as the Patron Saint of Sineu, and it is celebrated on April 25th.

And we can continue our tour to the Concepcionist Convent, located on the old Royal Palace, which was built by the King of Mallorca, James II, in 1309, on the same place where was old palace of the emir Mubaxir.

From 1319 to 1526, would be the home of «veguer de fora» (highest court of the county), and in 1583, King Philip II, donated it to the cloistered nuns, and they still occupy it.

This building shows nowadays elements of the old fortified palace  as well as elements of a cloistered convent, being the temple one of the recommended places to visit in town.

Then we´ll arrive to the Hospital, founded in 1249, by royal grant of King James I, inside this building is located  the St.Joseph oratory, in whose interior we find valuable pieces , such as «Saint Christ” (Cristo de la Sangre), sculpture of Gaspar Gener, which  heads the Easter processions of the village, being the Good Friday procession, one of the most famous of the county.

Finally we can visit the Old Monastery of Minimum Monks, which since 1877 is the Town Hall of Sineu.

It was founded in 1677, with a later refurbishment and expansion of the cloister, in 1722.

1835 the monks were expelled from the monastry because of the law of he Ecclesiastical Confiscations by Mendizabal. Currently in the building also houses the Library and Municipal Archives.

Finally, we can find on the streets of Sineu,a large number of stately houses, as Torelló, Can Dameto, Son Garriga, or some wineries,  as Celler Can Font, Celler is Grop, venues where it was stored the wine of the Plain area, until phylloxera in 1890, extinguished the vineyards in Mallorca.

In Sineu are also some water wells, which were very important in times drought, to cover the water suply of the town, as well as a remarkable number of crosses, marking the end of the term of the municipality.

Let us guide you to Sineu, and discover this historical village placed on the heart of Mallorca, the amazing old buildings all over the town, visit its local market made every Wednesday, and do not miss to taste local gastronomy, served in the famous Cellers (local restaurants) , as the Frito Mallorquin and taste the excellent Majorcan wines, for sure it will be a delight for the palate.

With our licensed Tour guides you will visit the most traditional and colourful market made on the island every wednesday morning,  strooll in Sineu streets, hundred of stallsseling all kind of things, arts and crafts, antiques, fruits and vegetables…. it is one of the must see in Mallorca.

Come and discover with Mallorca Private Tour Guides Sineu

Mallorca Private Tour guides Team



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