Every year, my parents come to Mallorca to absorb some sun and warmth and forget about the rain and the cold of Belgium. As usually, when they arrive on the island, it starts to rain. I sincerely believe the Government of the Balearic Islands should offer them a free stay in Mallorca in times of extreme drought. It was such a bad weather that I had to postpone my dad’s birthday gift. The gift asked for nice weather and clear views.

One thing is sure, after rain comes sunshine, so one week later as planned, we left Sineu and drove towards Inca. Just before entering the city, we saw on our right the hill Puig de Santa Magdalena. I passed so many times alongside the hill, but had never been to the chapel, built on the 287 meter high top. It was a perfect occasion, my parents hadn’t been there either and we wondered how the views would be from high up that mountain. We drove over a dizzying, small, winding road while the landscape opened up before our eyes. It was sure worth the effort!

Image Already in 1240, the local inhabitants were so impressed by the views that they build the chapel of Santa Magdalena on top of the steep mountain. The little chapel became a Franciscan chapel in that same century. The Franciscan sisters did not stay that long, after a few years they moved to S’ Esglaieta and later went to live in the convent in Palma. In the year 1530, a congregation of Jerominos occupied the place but after 4 years they came down the hill and moved into the Sant Bartolomeu monastry of Inca, and a grammar school was founded. Time passed and at the end of the 19th century the chapel went through an important renovation. Between 1931 and 1985, the church became under the tutelage of the hermits of the community of Sant Pau and Sant Antoni. It has been more than 25 years now that the place is been taking care of by the “donats”. The beautiful square is flanked by the facades of the chapel, the house of the “donats” and the centre of exercises. It is truly a most charming place and a couple looking for a perfect romantic wedding should take in consideration this picturesque scenery.


Santa Magdalena does not only have an interesting historical setting but offers above all an unimprovable view over the island. The landscape opens up as you make your way to the top, and when you feel yourself king of the mountain, you can admire the city of Inca, the Sierra de Tramuntana and the Bay of Pollença and Alcudia. Far below you will see the fertile cultivated fields of Sa Pobla and Muro and further to the east you see the Sierra the Levante.

While you sit peacefully on the terrace, enjoying a coffee or a simple but delicious Mallorcan meal, you can let drift of your thoughts towards Inca below you and further south direction Palma.

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