Next month 18th of April will be a very special day for the Balearic Islands Port authority, not only will they use for the first time ever one of the new berths they have been constructing, but also will call for only the second time ever, 3 cruise ships from the same cruise company (Costa Crociere,Costa Cruises).

And as an extra: no other ships call Palma de Mallorca port that day. So an exclusive Costa Crociere Port of Call day at Palma de Mallorca on the 18th of April.

The new moorings «Muelle de Pelaires Prolongacion Sur» and «Muelle de Pelaires prolongación Norte» will officialy being used for their first time on 18.04.2013.

Oficially the construction has taken aproximately 15 months and a cost of over 33.000.000 Euros.All this for only 2 new moorings of aprox. 359 meter each. There are more ítems to mention but don’t let us spoill this happy day for Costa Company.

Three beatifull and big ships (Costa Deliziosa a vessel of 292 meters long and a Gross Tonage of 92.720 tons and maximum 2826 passengers and 1050 crew. built in Italy and in use since March 2010 , Costa Mediterranea 292,50 meters long and a GT of 85.619 tons, holding máximum 2680 passengers and 920 crew in use since May 2003  last but not least the Costa Serena  also 290,20 meters long and a GT of 114.147 GT with capacity for 3780 passengers and 1090 crew in use since May 2007).

All Three together have an estimated (new built) value of aprox. 1.358.000.000 euro.

This day the MV Costa Deliziosa is calling Palma de Mallorca only for the 3rd time and the other vessels return to Palma after having Palma as their weekly port of call during the last 2 summer Mediteranean Seasons

Three ships with together a passenger capacity of aprox. 9.200 persons and of course not to be forgotten the crew on board between 920 and 1090 per Vessel. In total over 12.000 persons in the Port of Palma on the 18th of April. A village of the size of Soller or Sa Pobla on board of just 3 ships.

The company Costa Crociere has been in shipping business since 1924, founded in 1854 and active as a cruise company or shipping passengers since 1948. Actually the company has 15 ships (not counting the famous Costa Concordia for obvious reasons). Since 2000 Costa Crociere is part of the Carnival Corporation and together with Aída Cruises and Iberocruceros representing the mainland European branch (P&O/Carnival UK is for the UK market.)

This year the Port Authority is expecting aprox 464 calls of cruiseships, almost a 10% more then in 2012. But this could be the start of another post in the near future.

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