Plaza de la Drassana(Shipyard)

Here, in Plaza de la Drassana (palma de Majorca), boats were built and repaired during the Middle Ages and at the beginning of Modern Times.

The statue in the centre of this square is dedicated to the famous Majorcan navigator Jaume Ferrer. He reached  Cape Verde, as it is represented in the famous “Catalan Atllas” of 1375 by the Majorca Hebrew cartographer Cresques Abraham.

Regarding this we can confirm that the Majorcan ships beat the Portuguese in their exploration of the African coasts and in the much-coveted gold of Senegal and Niger .

Near from Drassana square  we find the house of “ Capità Flexes”, a corsair skipper .

He was a very well –  known corsair captain in the 17th  century, that thanks to his lucrative bussiness of privateering, reached the post of governor of the squadron of Mallorca . On his death, the house was sold to another corsair captainJaume Sard. Isn´t that courious?

Not far away from here, we find the house of Capitan Toni Barcelo i de la Terra.”Es Capità Toni”  as he was familiarly known in Santa Creu,came from a family of sailors, and at the age of 18 he was already the captain of a post Jabeque. Reported to be intrepid and brave, he often entered into battle with the Berber pirates who sailed the seas.

One of his most  famous captures was when he defeated the bloodthirsty pirate Selim. In 1779 he led the naval forces destined to block Gibraltar. Five years later he was appointed commander in chief of the naval forces dedicated to the marque and obtained royal grace on the franchise of rights for all his vessels. He died in Palma in 1797 and was buried in a crypt in the church of Santa Creu. One of the last corsair captains of Majorca. 

Let us guide you through Palma marinera (sailors quarter) and discover amazing stories abour brave navigators, corsairs and pirates, you well never imagine how many hidden places to enjoy has the old town Palma for you.

Please join us in a great walking tour into pirates history from Palma de Mallorca.

Mallorca private Tour Guides Team


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