Soller is one of those nooks on Mallorca where the sea and mountains merge , forming a fertile valley,flooded with orange tree groves,and of course this is why the orange groves play an important role in Soller.

One of the great experiences that Soller offers visitors is the orange blossom, and the scent of orange blossom permeates every corner of this beautiful valley.

The orange blossom, a beautiful flower that gives off a pleasant smell and whose name comes from Arabic  “azhar” in spanish and means white flower,

The orange blossom is in April and May and visit Soller at this time is a luxury for the senses.

The orange blossom besides having a pleasant smell, which makes it ideal for the production of homemade perfume(based on its petals maceration in alcohol reduced to 45º) can also be used in cosmetics as facial toner and cleanser, in confectionery as flavoring (extracted from the distillation of bitter orange blossom) for products like roscon de reyes  but also has therapeutic properties and can be used as a sedative too.

Another of the great events related to the orange,  currently being held in Soller is the Orange festival, popularly known as «Fira de la taronja» where they try to promote the product par excellence, typical of Soller, the Orange, and in particular an orange variety known as canoneta, which is thought to come from Can canonet in Soller

This local orange variety, exclusive from port Soller, arising from a polyembryonic work, is a juicy orange and very sweet because of its high sugar content and the canoneta variety is harvested until the end of June.

Soller has a strong tradition of growing oranges that dates back more than seven centuries and especially this variety,canoneta.

Canoneta, is an orange that since the beginning of the 19th century and early 20th century it was exported to France and even managed to arrive to the Louis XIV Royal Court,  and the King Louis XIV declared he would not accept any other variety of orange which was not the canoneta orange from Soller, because this canoneta orange is a pleasure for the most exquisite palate.

But the export of oranges to France also made ​​links between Soller and France to increase more and more,and this is evident in the language of the inhabitants of the valley, the solleric is full of French expressions (solleric Gallicisms).


It appears that the orange came from China (hence its scientific name Citrus sinensis) through the Arabs arrived to Spain and apparently it finded in our climate an ideal place to stay and put down roots and clearly knew how to select the best place, and in Mallorca rooted in Soller, surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Sierra Tramutana, recently declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The geographical situation of the Soller valley, means it enjoys a special microclimate, different than the rest of the island. Joined the richness of water flowing through its torrents and streams (which allows you to irrigate citrus not using treated water) the growing system where we can admire the fruit trees growing on the terraces or majorcan bancales (steps on the mountains), due to the steepness of the terrain, the fertility of the soil (which is also very well-drained) and the Mediterranean sun illuminating the valley, make Soller to be the orchard of Mallorca,the citrus paradise.

The distinctive characteristics of the variety Canoneta (native from Soller) are  its medium size, slightly rough skin and the presence of a few seeds from the pulp, as well as the fact that it gives lot of juice and has a pleasant slightly acidic taste . It reaches its peak of ripeness in summer. Canoneta Orange is characterized by its  flattened spherical shape, and its medium to large size. The color of the fruit ranges from yellow to Orange to a deep orange.

Because of the Orange festival-Fira de la taronja,  many bars and restaurants have joined this event, being held in Soller, developing menus based on the belle of the ball, the Canoneta Orange.

But we want to mention one in particular, The majestic Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa which stands on a cliff offering its customers the best views of Port de Soller.


Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa is the first leisure resort from Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts in Europe”

If the orange trees rooted in Soller, on the same way JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER has made it, and have managed to create a very special hotel, a hotel where every guest feels unique and special, have managed to create a differentiated product, with a personalized service and an atmosphere that causes the guest to fall in love with Mallorca and fall in love with Soller, a luxury that has its roots in JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER. «Luxury with roots»

The amazing views that the hotel offers are incomparable, on a cliff JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER & SPA occupies an area of ​​18,000 square meters, this spectacular hotel is composed of eleven buildings  with a maximum height of three floors, making  the hotel to be  integrated perfectly in the environment and following the slope of the mountain in perfect harmony.  The interior oh this great hotel designed by the renowned  Peter Silling & Associates has sought a contemporary style as well as comfortably.


JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER offers 120 rooms and suites, divided into different categories, 21 superior rooms with mountain view, 18 superior rooms with sea view, 32 deluxe rooms with mountain view, 23 sea view deluxe rooms, 8 junior suites mountain view, 16 sea view junior suite and two stunning suites the Lighthouse suite and the  OBSERVATORY suite.

Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa - Superior Room Sea View 3

The hotel also has 2 restaurants serving local cuisine in a unique setting, restaurant ES FANALS and restaurant CAP ROIG.

4 bars and two swimming pools including a dramatic infinty pool, and we could not forget Talise Spa a great space for relaxation over 2200m2.

Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa - Infinity Pool Bar terrace

JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER, Member of Dubai Holding, Jumeirah Group is managing some of the most exclusive hotels and resorts worldwide.

One of the slogans of this prestigious hotel chain


and from here we think they have achieved it, when someone arrives to Palma airport and goes to the JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER,as soon as you start to cross the Soller tunnel, you have the feeling of crossing the tunnel of time, and across the tunnel a different world awaits for you , something that many may believe it has no place on an island known worldwide for its large number of visitors, but fortunately it is possible and this earthly paradise is the JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER.

From Mallorca Private Tour guides we encourage you all to cross the tunnel of time and discover JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER,  as soon as you get there you will feel special, a unique experience that will become unforgettable.

Fom 1st to 16th june, JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER will be joining the Orange festivities in Soller by offering a special tasting menu priced at only 23 Euros per person for a three course meal, featuring the local canoneta Orange at the heart of every dish.

Also the JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER and the Talise Spa offers the Orange blossom day Spa Package, 186 Euros per person and includes a unique cleasing massage and tasting menu.

Let us guide you to discover Soller and the Orange Festivities, the beauty of this valley, the tranquility breathe there, delight yourself with a menu elaborated with the Soller flagship product, CANONETA orange, and of course, one can not miss a visit to JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER.

Our licensed Tour guides offer walking tours around the Soller valley , a different way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Sierra de Tramuntana, walk through the trails among orange and olive trees, enjoy the scent of orange blossom.

Or maybe a cultural tour in Soller to discover its art noveau buildings, the spectacular church of Sint Bartolomew and the Contemporary art Museum, Can Prunera.

Discover with our qualified guides that Miro, the famous painter also took roots in Soller and discover with MALLORCA PRIVATE TOUR GUIDES why MiRO is linked too with Soller

Take the opportunity to visit Soller market or enjoy an ice cream at the ice cream factory Fet a Soller.

The guides of Mallorca Private Tour Guides, will show you every corner that this wonderful place offers.

Visit with Mallorca Private tour guides the orange festivities in Soller and enjoy the amazing experience, discovering JUMEIRAH PORT SOLLER



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