Mother Nature is wise and knows exactly what we need. What do we need to cope with a cold winter? Exactly, vitamin C. In Mallorca, we find vitamin C everywhere. The precious health-saver is laughing at us from the orange and lemon trees that embellish with their colours our fields and valleys.

There are a lot of different ways to enjoy these delicious citruses. I can recommend you a freshly pressed orange or lemon fruit juice, a heavenly tasting dessert of orange juice with strawberries or, what I have been preparing this week: orange and lemon marmalade.

 –          Cut in slices 4 oranges and 2 lemons and put them in a bowl with water. Put the same amount of water as you put fruit. Let rest until the next morning.

–          The next day, cut up the fruit in julienne (very small pieces). Put them with the water that is left in the bowl, in a cook pot and cook during 10 minutes. Let rest until the next morning.

–          The third day, take out the fruit, together with some of the water-juice (I took as much water-juice until the fruit pieces where covered) and put in the sugar. Put in the same amount of sugar as you put fruit (1/1) Cook on a small fire, don’t forget to stir with a wooden spoon!  You have to cook the mass until it has the texture as of honey. Or you put some on a little plate and when it cools down it has to show a jelly texture. I used the blender to make the texture a more homogeneous mass.

–          Now you just need to put you delicious homemade marmalade in sterilized jars. To sterilize, cook the glass jars during 10 minutes. Fill a jar with the warm marmalade, put the jar upside down. When the marmalade has cooled down a little, turn the jar side up again. Now you can enjoy during several months of the taste of winter in Mallorca.

 Mallorca is full of flavours. Come and enjoy them!

Let us guide you to Soller, Mallorcan famous Orange valley  and discover its winter flavours

Mallorca Private Tour Guides Team


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