The tower Des Verger, also known as Talaia de Ses Ànimes

Last week I received the pleasant visit of my Japanese friend. She lives in a city with more than 13 million inhabitants so she got all excited seeing the beautiful nature of Mallorca. She especially liked de rugged north coast and the peaceful interior.

We drove over the road MA10 going from Andratx towards Banyalbufar. The moment we started to drive alongside the coast and saw far beneath us the rough sea, my friend’s eyes almost popped out of her head. She got hold of the car seat, you never know! No need to worry tough, I kept my eyes on the road. The driver can not get distracted during the drive, so luckily, my friend had her own “private tour guide”.

Following the winding road, we went all the way to the tower of Es Verger, situated just before entering the village Banyalbufar. This emblematic tower was built in 1579, by order of the then mayor, Don Teseo Valentí. Of course, it was not the only tower to be built then. During the 16th century, the villages alongside the coastline suffered terrible pirate attacks and needed a better protection. There were towers built which had a complex warning system. When the tower guards spotted pirate ships or some other interesting boat approaching Mallorca’s coast line, then they send smoke signals during the day or fire signals by night to alert the other towers. The signals went from tower to tower until the signs reached the Almudaina in Palma.

The Es Verger tower is not so big, but big enough to give shelter to the two guards against the harsh weather or the cold northern wind that sweeps over the Sierra de Tramuntana. I can speak out of personal experience. The day was sunny but bitter cold!

We were alone during our visit at the tower, or at least, that is what we thought. Two black cats kept there eyes on us. My friend loves cats so she took a picture, while the scary stories that are told about this tower passed my mind. I did not feel worried; it was full day light because I would not dare to come here during the night.  It is common knowledge that, during cold winter nights, the wandering souls weave an invisible net around the tower to catch the innocent passer-by. The tower, also known as “the tower of the wandering souls”, is known for the suicides and murders committed, for people mysterious disappearing and of course strange blood-curling noises have been heard.  

No, I am not dreaming this up! During the Spanish civil war, soldiers of the Falange reported to their officer that they saw how a woman jumped of the cliff. When they went to look for the body, they did not find anything; they just saw the waves crashing against the rocks. I don’t think there were a lot of volunteers to stand guard in the tower. Other soldiers insist on having seen children dressed in past century clothing walking into the tower, and not exactly using the small front door, but passing through the thick walls!

One soldier will not quickly forget what happened to him. It was during the night of august 28th, 1936. His two buddies were on guard on the tower and he was taking a little rest outside the tower. He was smoking a cigarette while he was watching the peaceful moonlight landscape when suddenly he saw a woman, dressed in a white gown, walking towards him. He was immediately alerted and called her to stop. But the lady did not seem to hear him and continued without even hesitating. She got closer and the soldier pulled out his weapon and pointed at her, repeating the order to stand still. She didn’t listen and was very close to him when he shot her twice. The bullets went straight through her body but she still continued walking. Our soldier, almost paralyzed with fear, stepped backwards until he stood with his back to the wall. The lady walked straight ahead, passing through the soldier’s body, disappearing into the tower walls. When the two buddies of the soldiers, alerted by the gunshots, came down to see what happened they found their friend, as white as a sheet, pressed against the wall and with a distorted face of fear talking nonsense.

Yes, I can hear you thinking: fantasy, fear or alcohol will give inspiration to the stories, but there are proves! Three friends, involved in a program called “la realidad oculta”  “the hidden truth” were investigating. During a winter night, they put up a sound system and cameras. They had prepared a recording of 10 questions and left a space in between each question for the possible answers. When they finished and were on there way home, the agreed that the experience had been very satisfying. They had had a very good, peaceful feeling. When they listened to the tape, at first they didn’t hear anything, but after the fifth question, they heard the voice of a little girl saying “I’m cold” and at the end of the tape they heard war airplanes and the sound of bombs falling. The next day they looked up the information and discovered that during the spanish civil war airplanes had been throwing bombs at enemy boats.

Intrigued by the girls voice, one of the friends went back to the tower, this time he was alone. He put up the same sound system and played the tape with the 10 questions. This time he did not feel that safe. He felt observed and was very anxious. The scary feeling didn’t leave him until he got home. This time, after the fifth question, he heard the weeping voice of a lady, saying “there are no…”

It is obvious that something mysterious is surrounding the tower. The name “tower of the wandering souls” is certainly a good match. And the guardians of the tower are those two black cats.

During daytime, this is a beautiful place, an excellent lookout on the rugged northern coastline of Mallorca. It’s a place not to miss during your visit in Mallorca and the team of Mallorca Private Tour Guides will be happy to help you discover it all.

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