Mallorca stories and legends-Valldemossa-The King Sancho and the peasant from SON PANCUIT

Mallorca stories and legends-VALLDEMOSSA-The King Sancho and the peasant from «SON PANCUIT»

Mallorcans  said that the source of Na Rupit (Valldemossa-Mallorca) was famous for its water quality, even people attributed the source water, medical properties.

 XIV century,when King Sancho, was living in Mallorca, this source,Na Rupit,  was famous on the Island and there is a legend ,talking about this  water source in Valldemossa.

 One day, when King Sancho was heading  from Valldemossa to the shelter of the puig de «Es Teix» (Sierra de tramuntana-Mallorca), through the medieval road ascending the Coma des Cairats, arrived to the source of Na Rupit, where was waiting for the king, an old mallorcan peasant “payes”, the man was the one, taking care of the lands surrounding the source of Na Rupit. A land full of olive trees,called Son Pancuit.

The peasant offered a glass of water to the king Sancho, which was satisfied and pleasantly surprised with the quality of the water.

 Before leaving to go to Es Teix, the king was informed of the wit and wisdom of the peasant, which motivated him to test the peasant.

The king Sancho called the old peasant, and when both were alone, the monarch trusted him a secret, with a warning, that he was not authorized to disclose it, until he had seen him, the king a hundred times.

 Months later, the king Sancho wanted to test the loyalty of the old peasant and he sent messengers to offered  him money to tell them the secret.

 The man resisted  over and over again, until he was offered a hundred coins. Then, having examined the coins one by one, with the excuse to check  that there were no false, revealed the secret to the royal messengers.

 Informed the king Sancho of what had happened, ordered the peasant to be presented to the palace, ready to punish him for his disobedience.

 When King Sancho asked him for clarifications, the peasant remembered  the king, that the prohibition was only applied  until he had seen the king a hundred times, and he had not opened his mouth until he was offered a hundred coins, one above the other,  the coins were clearly showing the face of king Sancho, so he considered that he had not broken his promise.

 King Sancho, admired for the wit of peasant, not only not punished him, but told him no to pay more taxes for his lands, a habit lasted until the late nineteenth century. “Son Pancuit»  lands  do not pay taxes”

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