MALLORCA; IN CLOUD ATLAS-By the creators of matrix triology-Watchoski

MALLORCA IN CLOUD ATLASBy the creators of matrix triology (Wachowski )

I don’t pretend to write a critic about the new movie directed by the Brothers Wachowski. I liked the movie, Cloud Atlas, for reasons that go beyond the special effects, script or concordance in between the different stories. I liked the movie because part of it, I’ve “lived” it.

The movie, cloud Atlas, starts with a scene on a beach. It is a small beach squeezed in between two giant cliffs, with a wild sea in the background. That image is burned into my brain. It is the amazing beautiful Torrente de Pareis (Sierra de Tramuntana,Mallorca)

During the summer of 2011, while taking groups around on a popular excursion called “Island Tour”,and  I often saw the ship that is shown in some of the scenes of the movie, I have felt the liveliness of the film location in the Port of Soller an even had a “extra day off“ because La Calobra  was taken by the cameras.

I’ve been waiting with great expectation on the release of the movie Cloud atlas, in Spain, and I have not been disappointed. True to their reputation, it is a daring movie with a very special story to tell, but the brothers Wachowski and Tom Tykwer, specialists in the most impressive visual effects, have known to make Mallorcas coast line of the Serra de Tramuntana a true delight to the eye. The movie script wants us to believe the story to happen on an island in the Pacific, but we know better. It is our beloved island of Mallorca.

To enjoy those spectacular images taken in Cala Tuent, Torrente de Pareis, Formentor and Es Colomer is enough of a reason to watch the movie. Who knows Mallorca, will recognise his impressive coast line and mountains, protected as World Heritage by the Unesco.

That is why I liked the movie,Cloud atlas. To see the landscape that is so familiarly to me in a Hollywood production with great actors as are Tom Hanks and HalleBerry. The movie left my with a good taste in the mouth and with a proud to be able to work in such a singular environment as is the Serra de Tramuntana of Mallorca.

The guides of Mallorca Private Tour Guides will be delighted to help you discover the movie scenes in the Serra de Tramuntana de Mallorca.

Let us to guide you through the amazing scenery of Cloud Atlas, the beautiful Mediterranean Paradise which is Mallorca.

Come and discover with Mallorca Private Tour guides the most beautiful landscapes you can ever imagine, the paradise exists and its place in Mallorca.

Truly,» there is another world waiting for you-a better world «and for sure is Mallorca ( as said on the movie cloud Atlas )

Mallorca Private Tour Guides

The ship shown on the movie, Torrente de Pareis and Cloud atlas ship  in Port de Soller (Mallorca)


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    Thank you for your very interesting news, items, stories about the beautifull Island of Mallorca, its culture, customs, gastronomy and people.

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