In the footsteps of Father Serra– The California MissionsPetraMajorca

      I was 18 when I heard about Junípero Serra, the founder of the Missions of California. The first mission I visited was the one of San Rafael Archangel, the mission of the city that would be my home for a year. Although San Rafael was not directly founded by Father Serra, another mission near by was: San Francisco. That year I visited beautiful places such as: Carmel, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Los Angeles. In every mission I visited I found the name of the Mallorquin missionary, Father Serra. I kind of forgot about him, until a few years later, my destiny brought me to the island of Mallorca, and there I found Junípero Serra again.

      He was born in the village of Petra, situated in the centre of this beautiful island, as the son of humble farmers. He knew everything about working the field, but rather stayed with his nose in the books. He was a very talented young student and at age 35 he had already made himself a great philosophy professor; that title usually takes 50 years to receive. The call of the missions brought him to abandon the island and go to Mexico, then later to California.

     The Californian landscape must have reminded him on his homeland. The golden hills, the sandy beaches, the cliffs and even the mountains…

    Every lover of California and every visitor of Mallorca, should spend a moment of their holidays on the island to discover the history of this great men, the founder of the missions of California, each one of them now among the most important cities of the golden state

Let us guide you to the homeland of father Junipero Serra, come to Mallorca and discover the history of the founder of California Missions, the father Serra house, San Bernardino monastry, the church where he was baptized, this monument in Petra,Majorca.

Follow the footsteps of father Serra


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