The Romans felt the special atmosphere in our Serra de Tramuntana. They named the valley, caught in between some of the highest mountains such as the Puig de Massanella, the Puig Roig, and  the Puig Tomir , “Lucus” witch means as much as “Holy woods”.

The name honours the place. It was in the stone oak wood that a statue of the Virgin of Lluc was found. Patroness of Mallorca, she is known to us as “La Moreneta”.


From the beginning, in the XIII century, pilgrims from all over the island walked up the mountain to the valley to praise the Virgin. Generations long, the inhabitants have been moved into an act of spirituality to thank the Moreneta.

People nowadays still are drawn towards the valley on different occasions, but once a year, the first Saturday of august; thousands of peoples get together in a same spirituality-sporty feel, in an atmosphere of friendship and expression of Mallorca-spirit to walk together the same road. (DES GUELL A LLUC A PEU)

 It all started a summer night in 1974. As usual, a group of friends got together in the bar Güell, property of Tolo. There was laughter and small talk, while they were enjoying a drink. Rita, the 6-year old daughter of Tolo was running between the tables, refreshing the friends with a siphon bottle. Suddenly the girl stumbled and fell on top of the bottle which exploded on her chest. Everybody feared the worst, but miraculous, the girl was uninjured.

A client called out “It’s a miracle; we have to give thanks to the Virgin of Lluc and go on a pilgrimage to praise her!” So said, so done and the next morning 30 friends got together to start walking the 48 km that separate the bar Güell from the monastery of Lluc. Only 6 reached the sacred destination. The group decided to walk the path to LLuc every year. During the first following years, only the small group of friends participated.

In 1980, Antoni Más, responsible in the “Caja de Ahorros de Sa Nostra” got interested in the event. With the help of Tolo Güell, the group Güell was founded and from that day on, they organize each year the “walk from Güell to Lluc”.

José Francisco Egea Martinez is now in charge of the group Güell that is once again, in 2013, the organisation behind the fortieth edition of the Walk from Güell to Lluc. You can still participate. Inscriptions are accepted until the day of the event, 3rd of august, and for only 2 euro you can be on the starters list. Some of you might look for a more difficult challenge. In that case, you can participate in the competition. You can chose between 3 events: Nordic Walking, half distance running or full distance running. Your participation should be confirmed by august 1st and the number of participants is limited to 900, (300 for each event). 

 The spectacle starts the first Saturday of august, so this year’s edition will be on august 3rd. At 21:00, a deejay will start to bring the people in the right mood so the walk can start in this pleasant atmosphere at 23:00. The organisation is prepared to receive thousands of participants: residents on the island that attend with their group of friends, people coming from the mainland Spain and every year there is an increasing number of international participants. All start from the Plaza Güell, full with energy and enthusiasm for the 48 km long walk to the monastery of Lluc.  The walk normaly takes in between 7 and 12 hours. The itinerary follows the asphalt road and the first part is rather flat, but the closer you get to the desired destination, the steeper the road gets! Along the way, the brave participants can renew their forces in different spots where they receive medical care if needed and are given some fruits to eat and water to drink.


During the first edition, only 6 friends reached the monastery. Neither will all arrive this year. Some will be so exhausted and will have to abandon. A few ambulances and busses will take the unfortunate back to Palma. The once that do arrive, are expected in Lluch somewhere in between 6 and 11 am. Busses will take them back to Palma or to the railroad station of Inca where they can catch the train back to the capital.

The organisation gets the help of a lot of volunteers. During last years edition, 2500 kg of fruits were distributed  between the participants, 24 units of the Guardia Civil took care of the safety on the road, 20 members of the Civil Protection of Lloseta and Selva were at the disposition of the many pilgrims and 200 volunteers helped with different tasks. 35 busses transported the people, and the organisation also could count on the participation of the railroad company.

And last but not least, the local police did not get a lot of sleep in the villages where the groups passed by: Palma, Marratxi, Santa Maria, Consell, Binissalem, LLoseta, Biniamar, Selva,Caimari ,Escorca and Lluch.

The organisation of the event is a big challenge, but each year the Group Güell is able to organize this great feast.

 The bar Güell does no longer exist. In 1992, Rita, the daughter of Tolo, was victim of leukemia. A lot of money was needed for an expensive treatment in the United States, but sadly, the girl lost her fight against her illness. So for the once that participate, in between laughter and efforts, I’m sure there will be a moment to remember Rita, the girl for who the March to Lluc was originally organised. Let’s walk the path for her!

 Not all of us feel like walking the distance, but maybe you get curious about the Valley of Lluc. Let the guides of Mallorca Private Tour Guides help you discover this jewel of the Serra de Tramuntana, our Valley of Lluc.

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Villages surrounded by millenarian olive trees as Selva and Caimari, Soller and it spectacular natural harbor, beautiful landscapes that will leave you speechless.

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