Mallorca Private Tour Guides would like to thank Mrs. Inma de Benito and FEHM (Mallorca Hotels business federation) its invitation this morning to participate in the 1st Mallorca luxury tourism workshop organized by FEHM today at the Hotel Melia de Mar and have been opened by the General Director of Tourism Mr.Jaime Martinez, the president of the Consell Mrs.Maria Salom and FEHM Vice President Mr.Joan Massanet.

It’s been quite a luxury for Mallorca Private Tour Guides to attend, despite the redundancy, And from here we want to congratulate FEHM for the wonderful organization and the quality of the presentations.

In a unique setting and a reference for luxury tourism in Mallorca,  Hotel Melia de Mar, a hotel open to the Mediterranean, which was opened in 1964 and it was the 1000 tourist establishment of the Balearics and it has had illustrious personalities among its guests as Baron de Rothschild.

Much has changed tourism in Mallorca since those times, when it was forbidden the use of Bikini or police protected our morality watching mallorcan beaches.

Nowadays, Mallorca is an island that has become a world leader in tourism, and of course, if we have evolved so much in so few years and show everyone that Mallorca is able to reinvent itself to adapt to the needs of tourism,of course we´ll be able also to get to be a leader in the luxury sector.

We have all the necessary ingredients to achieve this, a unique setting that is our island, offering spectacular scenery, a great cultural and gastronomic offer and many professionals willing to give the best of themselves to our visitors to feel unique

Paraphrasing Walt Disney «If you can dream it, you can do it «

For there can be no doubt, we are perfectly able of doing it, we just have to combine our efforts to ensure our visitors to enjoy a unique and exclusive experience that will make their vacations in Mallorca unforgettable.

Let us guide you through the luxury of discovering Mallorca, in the hands of our team of professional guides discover that visiting Mallorca can become an experience you will never forget.

For Mallorca Private Tour Guides  a personalized  dedication, a top quality service and all this combined with continuous training and retraining, makes a visit to Mallorca with our professional tour guides to become a luxury.

Fall in love with Mallorca with MALLORCA PRIVATE TOUR GUIDES


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