Expand your mind and open up your heart to the music made in Mallorca

   Today is a cold winter day. I’m sitting close by the fireplace, feeling worst by the minute. I caught flu, or the flu caught me. I’m looking to the clouds pass by and hear the raindrops hit the window. My thoughts wander off towards a great artist and composer: Chopin.


     He saw the light of live in Poland on the 22nd of February of 1810. His indisputable talent and his eager for perfection brought him to travel towards Paris, the centre of world culture. There he met painters, poets, musicians and writers. He was impressed and completely swept of his feet by Aurora Dupin, better known in the literary world as George Sand.

       During the summer-autumn of 1838, the delicate health of Chopin was getting worst and the doctor recommended him to recover in a nice, warm, sunny climate. George Sand did not hesitate to pack her things, take her two children and accompany Chopin towards Mallorca. It was not as easy as take an airplane. It was a long and hard trip, parts by boat, parts by carriage. Our visitors rented a house, because of course there were still no hotels. The health of Chopin did not improve, on the contrary.  A doctor was called to see him. The diagnosis was very hard: Chopin suffered from tuberculosis. The landlord immediately told them to abandon the house, scared as he was to catch this very contagious illness. They got the opportunity to rent a cell in the old Charterhouse of Valldemossa, abandoned only three years earlier by the monks.

     The beautiful village of Valldemossa, situated in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana will be described by George Sand in her book “a winter in Mallorca” as a true paradise. She was full of glory about the picturesque valley and the mountains and cliffs contrasting with the blue sea. But it was not a land of milk and honey, the winter was cold and rainy and the people of Valldemossa looked askance at this odd family.    Chopin did not go on the mountain hikes and while George Sand and the children were gone, he watched the clouds pass by and listened to the raindrops hit the windows, just as I do now. Of course, I don’t compose music but Chopin did compose the most beautiful prelude Op 28 no 15, better know as the “raindrops”. Unfortunately for the couple of artists, the weather did not get any better and they got on their way back to Paris on February 13th 1839.

   If you want to get to know the origin of this nice piece of music, come and visit the village of Valldemossa. You will discover the landscape that inspired Chopin. When you hear his music, close your eyes and float away on the melody towards Mallorca. I don’t even mind the raindrops dripping on my window.

Let us guide you through the amazing world of this romantic couple(Frederic chopin and George Sand) spending a winter in Mallorca, in one of the most beautiful villages on this paradise (Majorca).

Let us show you this hidden  treasures on the heart of sierra de Tramuntana, enjoy an unforgettable expirience, let your imagination fly and feel the sensations this romantic couple experienced in their stay into the Carthusian monastery(valldemossa,Majorca)

Let us guide you in Valldemossa

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