Easter Procession in Palma de Mallorca-Cristo de La Sangre

One of the most emotional moments in the Holy Thursday in Palma de Mallorca also called the procession of Christ of the Blood «Cristo de La Sangre».
Watch the moment when the costaleros»float-carriers raise to heaven the throne of the Virgin «Nuestra Señora de La Salud»

Let us guide you into the amazing Easter traditions, our processions, beautiful floats, nazarenos dressed with the tunics or penitential robes and capirotes (hood with a conical tip), drums,Manolas (ladies dressed in Black and with the tipycal Spanish Mantilla)…

Delight yourself with the excitement watching in Palma one of the most popular Easter processions, 34 brotherhoods, 24 floats with beautiful images, more than 4000 penitents,bands…and so much to see and to discover.

A must see in Spain, Easter Processions, Mallorca Private Tour Guides invites you to discover the traditional Easter Processions and the «Semana Santa», Holy week in Mallorca

Mallorca Private Tour Guides Team

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