Easter in Majorca is not only a religious celebration to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus, but also is a tradition with marked popular character.

Palm Sunday liturgical celebrations begin with the blessing of the palms and the procession of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, and in all the parishes of the island is commemorated this festivity.

And as is well known, that Sineu is one of the municipalities of the island of Mallorca with more folklore and ancestral history, reaching Easter, Sineu also hosts one of the most crowded processions of Mallorca, as well as in the main city Palma the most important Easter procession is the Holy Thursday procession or  La Sang de Palma, Sineu celebrates its most important procession on Good Friday, which begins in the evening, with the staging of the Descent of Christ in the neighborhood of «Calvary» and continues with the procession of the Holy Burial and la Soledad de Maria, organized by the Patronage of Brotherhoods of Sineu.

A total of seventeen brotherhoods with their floats (people carry statues of saints around on floats or wooden platforms) advance with strict order and silence, this penitents are part of the staging and the people watching the procession get very excited with the sound of the melodies performed by the Sineu´s music bands and bands coming from the surronding villages.

The tradition of the different brotherhoods in Sineu is very old. There are some documents that make reference to the brotherhoods existing in Sineu in 1417, as the Brotherhood of Christ flagellated at the Column or popularly called the Menestrals Cofradia, referring and to honor the ancient guild of artisans

Should also be noted the special devotion to the image of Christ of the Blood (Cristo de la Sangre), an image dating from 1574 by local sculptor Gaspar Janer, or also valuable image and float of the Brotherhood of the Virgen de la Soledad, founded in the year 1664 by the order of the Minims and later the float was restored  by the family Isern Estela. .

Holy Week (semana Santa)ends on Easter Sunday, when it is celebrated in most towns of the island, «the procession of the Meeting«, which represents the encounter of the risen Jesus with his Mother. However, related acts continue for another  week with the traditional «Pancaritats» and pilgrimages to the hermitages all over the island, and  majorcans share the typical products prepared for this time of the year, they are: «panades» (typical lamb pies), «robiols«( pastries filled with  cottage cheese or jam)  and «crespells» (typical easter pastry)

Let us guide you into the Easter celebrations in Majorca, discover with Mallorca Private Tour guides Sineu and the Holy week processions, the different brotherhoods dressed with the nazarenos or penitential robe, the tunics and the capirotes ( the hood with conical tip), the floats preceded by embroided standard ,the beat of the drums,the float-carriers also called costaleros,the woman dressed with the Spanish mantilas….so much to see and so much to experience, a great feeling…

Come and join Mallorca Private Tour guides and discover how exciting Mallorca is in Easter.Taste the the typical  Majorcan Easter recipes and enjoy Mallorca and its ancient traditions.

Another must see…… Easter in Mallorca

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