Friday 12th July, the Disney Magic called in Palma de Mallorca, in one of the two scales that Disney Cruise Line have planned this year in Mallorca, next time that Disney Magic visits Palma will be on August 9th.

Disney Cruise Line is owned by Walt Disney Company, The Disney Magic was the first ship in the Disney cruise line fleet,and it was launched in 1998 and a year after the Disney Wonder was built ,in 2011 was incorporated into the Disney fleet  Disney Dream and finally the Disney Fantasy, its newest cruiseship.

Disney Cruise line is dedicated mainly to families wishing to enjoy a magical experience on board, there is not a theme park (as the world famous Disney theme parks), and is not the classic cruise, it is just a place to unleash the imagination and enjoy an amazing vacations  in hands of Mickey Mouse and his pals.

The Disney Magic was built by Fincantieri shipyards in Marghera, Italy, and was delivered to the company, Disney Cruise line in June 1998, it is flying bahamas flag , has a length of 294.10 meters (964.9 ft) and a breadth of 32.25 meters (105.8 ft), an astonishing gross tonnage of 83338 tons,  and it is equipped with 2 propulsor motors 38000kw and the cost  was 350 million dollars.


The Disney Magic boast 11 expansive passenger decks and 875 staterooms some of them especially designed for families (80 families staterooms),12 elevators and 3 outdoor pools (one for kids, one for families and one only for adults) and 6 whirlpools, a great place to relax.


With no casinos onboard, Disney Cruise Line was able to create even more space dedicated to families, as its impresive Walt Disney theater a place to enjoy  the wonderful live Disney shows,  and Buena vista theater with a huge screen  to enjoy Disney movies,  a for the Little ones a children’s nursery.

During its visit to Palma,the Disney Magic was carrying 2611 passengers from 62 different nationalities, including  982 Spanish  and  391 U.S. citizens.

1000 cast and crew members of 59 different nationalities, including 215 Filipinos, 108 Indonesian and 120 Indians.

The captain Mr.Olmer Robertus from Holland is supported although  by other reputable captain on board, Captain Mickey Mouse.


The experience of sailing aboard one of the Disney cruises, in a mix of the nostalgic cruises,  the romantic idea that we all have and the thrilling experience of sharing the cruise with Disney characters, is the ship of illusion, where dreams come true, and  even onboard passengers enjoy a night of Fireworks as in the famous Disney theme parks, «pirates in the caribbean» party.

Everything is special on the Disney Magic, the ship whistles even play a sort version of “when you wish upon a star” (Pinocchio soundtrack) instead of the typical ship blast.

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you


Mickey Mouse´s face and ears are painted on the funnels, the exterior colours of the ship are those of Mickey, and a 15ft Goofy hanging upside down in a bosun´s chair painting the stern of Disney Magic.


Inside the luminous atrium lobby a bronze statue of Helmsman Mickey—designed by Walt Disney Imagineers.


The ship is designed for the amusement of the smallest members of the family and of course on board a very special crew, that will delight children and adults, Disney characters , that you can meet and great or enjoy onboard a characters breakfast or dinner, an experience not to forgotten.

Several spaces on board dedicated to children, with game rooms adapted to each age of their most special passengers, endless amusement on board.

Obviously can not miss on board a Disney store where you can buy the merchandising of the Disney company.

A special mention to the «Walt Disney theater», a spectacular theater with 977 seats to enjoy the fantastic Disney shows like all aboard,Disney Dreams,remember the magic,twice charmed,villains tonight…

And in a Caribbean cruise, can not bemissing a visit to Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay located in Bahamas.

Perhaps one of the best definitions will be; the floating version of one of the wonderful theme park created by Walt Disney combined with the glamor of old cruise lines and a very very special crew that will make you to dream «Mickey and Friends»


As Walt Disney said, if you can dream it you can do it and he showed everyone that you’re never too big to dream and one day those dreams come true. «Dreams come true» (don´t forget it)

Walt Disney was born in December 1901 in Illinois, Chicago, he was the fourth son of family of farmers with Irish origin, he was working for a time delivering newspapers and his first animated movie was Alice in Wonderland and from there he would start on the world of animation and he created his famous animated mouse called initially Mortimer, and then he changed its name to Mickey Mouse, the most famous  animated star of Disney´s empire.

No doubt,Mickey Mouse has been part of our childhood.

But first of all Walt Disney was a visionary and in 1955 he opened his first theme park”Disneyland” in Anaheim, California,unfortunately Walt Disney died of lung cancer in 1966,when Disney World in Orlando,Florida was still not finish.

Disney World opened its doors in 1971.

This genius created a world of fantasy and illusion and showed us all that always remains  within yourself the spirit of a child, through each of his characters has guided us through our childhood and taught us important values ​​such as friendship, respect ….

Any Disney movie takes implicit a lesson and  he has shown us all that it’s never too late to feel like a child again …

And being on board a Disney cruise is part of one of those dreams to come true «dreams come true».

Let yourself to be embraced by the Disney magic, and its Disney´s characters, and discover during your Disney cruise magical cities as Palma de Mallorca.

From Mallorca Private tour guides we are sure that passengers which came aboard Disney Magic and visited Mallorca, realized that they had  been taken by Disney ´s dream into a Mediterranean paradise full of unforgettable experiences.

And just as the Disney characters have guided us through our childhood and taught us so many  and many things, the guides of Mallorca Private Tour Guides will take you to amazing places to discover.

Let yourself to be impressed by the majesty of the Bellver Castle located on a hill overlooking the bay of Palma, as Cinderella´s Castle leaves you with no words when you get into Magic Kingdom.

The spectacular Gothic cathedral of Palma, “la Seo” the highlight of the city, where surely The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be impressed by the spectacular sea views that the Palma cathedral offers, that´s why it is being call “The catedral of the sea”

Feel yourself  like a Disney princess in a fairy tale walking into  the streets of the old town Palma and discover its palaces and stately homes with amazing courtyards.

Ride our particularly “Polar Express” and travel with our tour guides with the old Wood train to Soller the heart of the oranges valley.

Discover Nemo and his friends visiting with Mallorca Private Tour Guides Marineland.

An amazing trip to the Dragon Caves…..your own fairy tale in DRACH CAVES

Or taste our majorcan gastronomy, we hope that you will enjoy it as much as Winnie the pooh is enjoying his honey …

And have a swim into the crystal waters of our majorcan beaches just as good as the Castaway beaches….

Remember in all our tours kids are WELCOME, kids friendly tours

Let us to be your guide and visit with Mallorca Private Tour guides this Mediterranean paradise.

Make your dream come true and visit Mallorca with  Mallorca Private Tour Guides.

We look forward to see you in Mallorca soon

Welcome aboard the magical world of Mallorca Private Tour Guides, an experience you will never forget , for a long life memory …. A Visit to Mallorca with Mallorca Private Tour Guides and don´t forget «DREAMS COME TRUE»


Mallorca Private tour guides team

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