El ball dels cossiers’ are the very singular typical dance during celebrations in several villages in Mallorca as Montuïri, Algaida, Manacor, Inca, Pollença (àguiles), Artà , Alaró, Felanitx, Campos, Llucmajor (cavallets), Palma (cavallets de Ciutat) and Calvià (cavallers).

They are part o an ancient tradition which was documented in Mallorca as early as 1554. The dances are interpreted by three pairs of men and one lady, and etymologically the word probably means ‘to run ceremoniously’. Many of the villages of Mallorca maintain this tradition, but Montuïri and Algaida do especially. The flute (majorcan flabiol), a small drum and occasionally ‘xeremies’ (bagpipe) are the main musical instruments. The dancers are dressed in white with touches of yellow, green and red. Their costume includes laces, a variety of relics and bows. They hold silk scarves and bouquets of roses in their hands; the lady hold little bells. A demon with horns and a bell, carrying a long, thick stick in a defiant attitude accompanies them.

In Montuïri they dance three days a year. On August 15th they dance without their classical costume, and collect the gifts which will serve as jewels at the Saint Bartholomew festivities. On the 23rd, in their traditional costume, they dance a t the outdoor celebration.

On Saint Bartholomew, the village’s patron saint, they do the Offertory Dance during mass, but before this they walk around the village and dance at very specific spots. They dance to songs such as ‘Sa Gallineta Rossa’, ‘Mestre Joan’, ‘Es Mocadors’ and ‘Flor de Murta’, the most popular one. After mass they dance on the main square and in front of the Town Hall, where, among others, they dance ‘Es Mercansó’. Their repertoire includes twelve dances and songs. The ‘second festivity’ is held the day after.

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