All Saints “TOTS SANTS” festivity is coming, and Mallorca´s  confectionery and Candy stores, are already decorated with the famous «ROSARIS ENSUCRATS» (sweets rosaries or Candies rosaries).

All Saints holiday «Tots Sants» or (omnia sanctorum) celebrated on November 1st, is a tradition deeply rooted in our island, Mallorca.

During this festivity,it is customary for godparents to give to their godchildren a very special  and sweet present, a candies rosary “ ROSARIS ENSUCRATS”.The small  kids will received it with great enthusiasm, it is nothing more and nothing less than the famous mallorcan «Rosaris ensucrats», candies rosaries.

Surely we have seen numerous times the stores in Mallorca decorated with this candies rosaries “ROSARIS ENSUCRATS” but  have you ever wondered, which is the origin of this as Mallorcan tradition?

Some people says,it is a medieval tradition,  Majorcans were visiting the tombs on the churches during this festivity, and bringing candles and breads which  would be donated as alms, called in Mallorca «almoina».

And there are those who say that the origin comes from a wealthy gentleman who went into a famous confectionery in Palma, we all know it, «Can Frasquet» and made an special order,a rosary made ​​of candied fruits, panellets (typical mallorcan sweets made for this festivity) and chocolates. All of them tied with a rope and as colophon a medallion (called PATENA) made with ​​pumpkin (typical of this time) decorated with the print of a saint or an angel.

So after praying the rosary with his family, all together they can enjoy this sweet rosary.

It seems that it comes really populary and everybody on the city was talking about this special rosary, so the owner of “Can Frasquet” decided to include this candies rosary, among the products sold there, due to high demand and popularity of the product.


The special tradition will be certainly rooted in Palma during the nineteenth century, but gradually will be introduced throughout the island, and all the children look forward to the special sweet gift of their godparents on November 1st, the candies rosaries «Rosaris ensucrats «

As we said this rosary will be made at home with sweets, candies and chocolates, topped by a caramelized pumpkin medallion “PATENA”.

The rosary,in addition to protected children from evil spirits also sweeten their lifes and kids were carring it hanging from their necks, and very proud to wear them during their walks, showing everybody the sweet gift they got.

Another version, this one not so well known, tells us that during the time that adults spent to pray the rosary, usually a half hour, to avoid to be disturbed by the children during pray,they gave to  the kids a candies rosary made by 20 candies so in this way, they will quiet enjoying the sweet gift, leaving them to pray quietly the rosary.

Most important of all, whether one or another version, it is to preserve our traditions, that are after all part of our culture and we should not lose it.

Let us be your tour guide and discover with Mallorca Private Tour guides on a walk through the streets of Palma, traditional shops as “Can Frasquet” or “ La Favorita” with their shop Windows decorated with «Rosaris ensucrats» candies rosaries, discover with our profesional tour guides the origen of one of the most rooted mallorcan traditions.

A walk through Palma will become an unforgettable experience, and  you will surely discover many traditions and amazing experiences.

Mallorca Private Tour guides invites you to join us to discover this tradition and many more ones, related to All Saints “TOTS SANTS” festivity in Mallora.

Our gastronomy is a good example of this deeply rooted tradition in our island.

Come to Mallorca and discover with Mallorca Private tour guides the “ROSARIES ENSUCRATS” candies rosaries tradition and you will realized that Mallorca has always something new to offer to visitors, an island full of contrasts that offers yu another view of the autumn´s season, it is always a pleasure to visit Mallorca at any time of year.

Enjoy a different autumn, full of contrasts on a Mediterranean paradise.

We are waiting you to visit us

Mallorca Private Tour Guides Team

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