When the Swallows Come back to Capistrano

When the Swallows Come back to Capistrano


Remember tomorrow,St. Joseph’s Day, March 19th, the swallows will come back to Capistrano.

Remember with this song, composed in 1940 by Rene Leon, blessed father Serra and his work in California.

We recomend you to visit San Juan Capistrano, the jewel of the missions and don´t miss the swallows coming back to the mission.

From Mallorca, the place where Father serra was born, Mallorca Private Tour guides Team tomorrow as every day,we will have in our minds Blessed Father Junipero Serra

Happy St. Joseph´s Day, tomorrow in Spain we celebrate too, father´s day, we want to take this occasion to wish them the best, happy Father’s Day from Mallorca Private Tour Guides Team.

Mallorca Private Tour Guides Team

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